Free Performance and Hands on workshop Sunday Oct 2, 2 - 4pm


Seven years ago, with the aim of inspiring Kiwis to create, play and perform music and dance together, as well as ethnic communities to learn and treasure their traditional art-forms, we crowd funded our family group (Sekaa Selonding Semeton) from Bali to bring this rare gamelan art-form called Selonding to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Now, with funding from the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, we have created a new group here in Seatoun Village under Mekar Bhuana Aotearoa that is made up of our nuclear Balinese family and Kiwis who have fallen in love with Balinese gamelan music.

We’ve been rehearsing for the past two months with much enthusiasm at Seatoun Village Hall to present a free public event of this rare and incredible bell-like music to the people of Seatoun and the wider Wellington community.

Our performance will showcase ancient traditional music that dates back to the 9th century as well as new compositions by young Balinese composer, Gede Semara, together with a newly choreographed dance by Mekar Bhuana director Putu Evie.

The workshop will include a short explanation and demonstration led by gamelan researcher Vaughan Hatch. The audience will be encouraged to participate and is family friendly – children are encouraged to have a go and experience trying their hand at the giant iron-keyed instruments, as well as learning a short traditional song and game while accompanied by Selonding.

Don’t miss this rare and special opportunity to find out more about another side of Bali you’ve never seen or heard!